Arrrrrrrr. Let’s make this more interactive.

Hi all!

Thought I’d share this booty-full picture with you and get ye t’ think this one over. I recently obtained this eye patch while sailin’ for gold on t’ seas o’ t’ Internet.

If you be new t’ astronome, try and answer these questions, and ye will get a booby prize!  Grizzly old astronomers can just laugh and whittle away at yer peg legs.

You can add yer own answer, of course.

1. Why do I have an eye patch? When would I use it?
2. What be that cross on it do and what be it for?

Have at it, mateys!  Ye have 24 hours to answer, or ye’ll walk the plank!

140203 14-02-03 Family Time - 6

Later on…

Well, I had one off-poll vote.  Oh well.

The patch is for working with telescopes.  It helps reduce eye strain (from closing one eye–a bad practice) and prevents the brain having to decide between the eye looking through the eyepiece, and the eye looking right at the telescope.  This allows for more time to be spent looking through the telescope due to less fatigue.

The cross is two sections of glow in the dark tape.  the tape is on the outside so that I won’t see it when my eye is open under the patch (defeats the purpose).  The glow in the dark tape is in case I drop the patch during the night.

Thanks for reading.


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