Thinking ahead while at the end of cabin fever

I haven’t posted much recently because we’ve been snowed in and I’m at a point with this weather that I’m ready to kill someone.   There have been some clearer nights, but I’ve had it with the cold and looking at starry objects through cold-induced tears.  Somebody really needs to complain to Congress about this weather, like they would do anything about anything anyway.  Maybe I need to write an executive order?

I’m still working on my observation programs and trying to do more of the book reading end of astronomy.

I’m also in the process, with my family, of trying to put together the money, etc for going to Stellafane, an astronomy convention in Springfield, VT.

Nighttime shot of the observatories at Stellafane. On the left is the Milky Way, on the right appears to be a falling star or jet?

At Stellafane, they specialize in amateur telescope making.  I don’t know if that is what I’ll be doing while there (they have other things to explore, such as astronomy activities for kids, scavenger hunts, starhopping activities, astrophotography workshops, keynote speakers, meteorite studies, astrosketching classes, and their annual telescope making competition which has telescopes big, small, and unusual.

A Newtonian refracotor made from Folger’s coffee cans. From

Oh, and I forgot to mention.  Night falls, and everybody checks out the telescopes while looking at the stars.  As a graduate of the University of Vermont (class of 1989), I can assure you that there are definitely more stars there than here.

I’m also hoping to check out the Delaware Valley Amateur Astronomers (DVAA), the local star club.  I would have gone earlier, but weather has been absolutely forbidding.  Write your Congressman, please.  When I go, I’ll let you know how it goes.

I like being a newbie at this.  Learning something new and totally unrelated to what I do for work (I’m a psychotherapist) is refreshing.  I know that I will make mistakes as I go along, but every mistake I made will be an opportunity to learn something new.  I just hope to not make really bad mistakes.

Old Lady and the Telescope


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