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T-4 Days….

Until Stellafane!

I’ve been busy starting to do packing work and realize I have a bit more packing to do in front of me.  I’ll be ready in time, though.

I’m looking forward to Stellafane, hanging out with fellow members of the Delaware Valley Amateur Astronomers, and learning about amateur telescope making (ATM).  I already have two telescopes (10″ and 8″ reflectors) as well as three binos, so after I get a 80mm refractor, I’m done.  But, I’d like to see how they are made.

I’d also like to try to pick up an 11mm Nagler eyepiece for mid-range observation (I have a 24mm eyepiece).  I also have my eye set on a 3-6mm Nagler for really up close work, but that resides on my Amazon Wish List and won’t happen until after my next quarterly bonus.

I’ll have a bit more to post after this coming week after I go to Stellafane.  Stay tuned.

In the meantime, check out this cool commercial for the Weather Channel about Cherry Springs State Park in the boonies of PA.  That’s my next major destination.


First Delaware Valley Amateur Astronomers (DVAA) Star Party of the year tonight.

DVAA Star Party tonight.

Bringing my daughters and two, possibly three, of their friends. I’m bringing binos (they usually have telescopes only).

It starts at 7:30. Come if you’d like and bring a friend. Dress in layers and bring a blanket that you don’t mind getting dirty or wet as well as binos if you have them.  It’s at the Valley Forge Model Plane Airfield.

The weather doesn’t look awesome, but it isn’t bad, either.  It should be pretty sufficient, according to Cleardarksky.com.  Bradstreet Observatory is the observatory at Eastern University, the nearest weather observation site.  Click on the chart to see an explanation.  The key things are in the top 4 rows of blocks.

Here’s some (admittedly bad) pics in a slideshow format from ones I went to last year with my daughters.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Directions to the field, etc.:


Moon at DVAA Party 8-17-13
A picture of the moon taken at a Delaware Valley Amateur Astronomers Star Party on 8/17/13 @ 7:53p. EXIF data is here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/nateprentice/956ac5833279/meta/

This blog is a simple astronomy logbook that I plan to use and incorporate into work towards completion of Astronomical League Observation Programs.

In addition, I plan to add notes on astronomy as a hobby as I am experiencing it.  I hope that sharing some of what I come across will help others.

Finally, I hope to share reflections on what I gain personally and spiritually from looking at the heavens and reflecting on God’s handiwork.  See this entry for why I am personally interested in astronomy.


Nate Prentice